My Fitness Story

Growing up, I've always been super skinny. I ran cross country for about 6 years so the only fat I really had was on my lower stomach. I tried countless things to get rid of it like 10 minute ab workouts on youtube but when I realized those didn't work, I accepted the lie that I'd never be able to achieve my "dream body" or at least one I'd feel confident in.

Even after being made fun of for my body in high school, I never REALLY struggled with my body image until I saw this picture of myself and I knew I was unhealthy at this point. This was me summer of 2020. I was severly depressed, had no intentions in life and didn't care about anything. I wasn't eating, would go days without showering and wasn't working either. I hated myself and everything around me and was basically in bed for the whole year. My therapist had suggested daily exercise as that helps with your mental health but I never committed to the gym until a few months later.

This was when I first started going to the gym. I was around 97 lbs and was very intimidated by it all. I had always been so against going to the gym because it made me really anxious. I was afraid I'd see people that I know there and was somehow embarrassed that they'd see me there. But I went and did more cardio, 10 minute ab workouts and booty workouts I found on tiktok. This was the start to an amazing, life changing journey and I had NO idea how much of an impact the gym would have on my life.

And here I am almost 2 years into my fitness journey. I am so incredibly proud of my progress and everything I've overcome. I never thought I'd be able to come out of my depression or at least stick to something and be consistent with it. If you are dealing with the same things that I was, just know if I can do it, so can you! All it takes is that first step and consistency and things WILL get better. <3